Three women singing the blues in Brussels

One of my passions in life is DJ’ing, I collect and play Original 50s R&B, blues and Gospel. I have been very lucky to get to travel all over the to DJ. However, my all-time favourite place has to be Brussels, it really has special place in my heart.

Brussels is one of the most beautiful places I have had the pleasure of visiting Not only the place but also the people, it feels like home there for me. When I visit these places, I get to meet such wonderful people and I find it helps to boost my creativity being around all sorts of different people.

I have Just come back from Three women singing the blues, playing the After Party in Brussels at a venue Called Chaff (if you are in Brussels, go check it out) The Event was hosted by the fabulous Peggy Lee with live music by Tricity Vogue and Catherine Deneuve with and I closed the night on the decks. The photos are by the super talented James Miller.